How to solve problem of monkeys in Areca Nut fields


Problem: Monkeys come and eat the Areca nuts we grow.
Duration: This has been happening for a decade now.

The traditional farm is like this

A view of the trees in a farm - a youtube video

This is not common only to Shivamoga, but across India as shown by these articles:

The Hindu - Mechanism to tackle monkey menace in place - Govt to HC

Karnataka govt plans sterilisation programme to curb monkey menace |…

Quick solutions for human-monkey conflicts could lead to dangerous results

Monkey menace: Locals cage 70 monkeys, keep cage outside GP

I am looking for solutions on how to solve this problem, sustainably and permanently.

Thank you


Seems like a good document to read

We had a monkey menace in one of the schools. They were coming in from the windows. We put Toy tigers ( large size) on the windows. This did work for us.


how long did they work for? @Sarah

Six months. I will have to check if the monkeys are back

AGRI CANNON is a mechanical device which is made up of MS steel . This device usually plays HUGE SOUNDS that prevent monkeys from entering their agricultural area .

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Farmers tried their level best, and tried below techniques but no use.

  1. Scare guns(agri canon) crackers
  2. dogs
  3. Toy tigers
  4. Electric fencing

Only capturing and relocating to forest areas some what controlled the menace. Every day farmer not able sit in his farm to watch the monkeys ride. His time, livelihood saviour crops matters the most.

Interesting suggestion. What about the possibility of neighbourhood getting disturbed due to the sound?

What are some of the steps taken by this farmer to handle the problem?

Check out this article. The farmer faced a similar problem but nicely took help low-cost technology to solve the problem. You can also find his contact email address in the comment section.

Link - This farmer uses internet to keep monkeys off his back | Bengaluru News - Times of India

Farmers can play the sound for 2to 3 minutes (every 3 hours )
So during that time farmers can go out for sometime with their dogs

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@Manju have you tried the following from the document above?

  1. Use of annoying and smelling substances like dry fish packets spread around the field.
  2. Maintaining a balance by releasing predators / natural enemies (Langur).
  3. Sprinkling vegetables with pepper will deter monkeys from eating them.The
    chemical Capsaicin contained in chilli is an excellent repellent against monkeys,
    squirrels, and some other wild animals. Farmers who grow chilli will also benefit
    from an extra source of income.
  4. Smoke: Burn dung (with chilli for more effectiveness)or other materials that
    smoulder and create heavy smoke.Farmers burn sticks dipped in phenyl which keep
    the monkeys away from the field.

What compensation do you get for such damages @Manju ?