What are local solutions

Use the “Local Solutions” to share solutions that you or someone else has built with to solve a civic problem in your locality.

Types of posts:

  • Story: This goes into the background of how the solution came to be: what was the initial context, why were you/was the subject interested in the problem, what were the obstacles faced etc.
  • Blueprints: This is an “instructables” style post that teaches the reader how they would exactly build/replicate your solution.
  • Join Us/Carry Forward the Torch: These posts explain how individuals interested in expanding the solution you’ve come up with, or rebooting a now inactive solution can contact the original solution creators.

Ideally, all solutions will have a story, and then follow up posts with one or many blueprints.

All “join us” posts should have story and blueprint posts made first. Link to these before posting a “join us”.

Please note - By publishing your work on this website, you agree to license your work under the CC-BY-SA, CERN Open Hardware Licenses and MIT Licenses. Any work which you do not wish to license should be clearly marked as such.