Simplifying Switchboard Navigation: A DIY Colour-Coded Solution

Streamline switchboard confusion and unnecessary power usage with this simple DIY solution. By using colour codes and icons, it labels switches to correspond to devices or outlets “Near, Further, and Farthest” from the switchboard. This user-friendly guide illustrates a step-by-step process for easy implementation in any household. Here’s the process:

Step 1: Device list compilation

Create a comprehensive list identifying switches and their corresponding devices or outlets within your household.

Step 2: Design stickers

Develop stickers using colour codes to represent the proximity of devices to the switchboard. Design icons (fan/light/socket) in relevant colours for each switch. A ready-to-use design link is available here: SwitchboardMapping.pdf - Google Drive

Step 3: Application

Label each switch according to its designated device or outlet using the designed stickers.

Step 4: Household education

Educate all household members about the newly implemented colour-coded system for efficient switchboard navigation.