Resolving Dangling wire issues in Bengaluru trees

Discover an easy DIY guide to tackle dangling wire hazards in Bengaluru’s trees, ensuring safety and resolving potential risks with straightforward steps listed below:

Step 1: Identifying the problem

If you notice any wires hanging from trees in your area, assess the safety risks they pose. Some risks involve:

  • Dangling wires, whether electrical or not, risk electrocution and entanglement for workers, senior citizens, children, and passersby in general.
  • Low-hanging wires often cause severe injuries and fatalities

Determine if they are damaged or creating unsafe conditions, and note down the severity.

Step 2: Locating the appropriate authority

Identify the correct local authority to report the issue. Contact your area’s forest department or relevant municipal department responsible for tree maintenance and safety. In this case, we took to Twitter to understand the problem and get the details to determine authority concerned to address the issue.

The details required are:

  • Full address / map location pin
  • Ward and Assembly number

Step 3: Reporting the problem

Based on this experience, here are the steps that were taken:

  • Site visit: Visit the location of concern with a team to assess the situation and ensure safety. Take photos for documentation.
  • Contact authority: Reach out to the forest department or municipal body responsible for tree management.
  • Report and request action: Inform them about the issue, providing specific details such as the location, type of problem, and potential risks.
  • Request urgent action: Emphasise the urgency to prevent any accidents or property damage.

Step 4: Follow-up and collaboration

To monitor progress, regularly follow up with the authority to ensure prompt resolution.

Collaborate with local leaders: Engage with community members, local leaders, or organisations to advocate for timely action.

Step 5: Encourage community engagement

Share your experience and encourage others to report similar issues. Utilise social media platforms (such as Twitter or Facebook) or local community networks (on WhatsApp, Facebook, the RWAs, and local voluntary groups) to raise awareness and prompt collective action.

Step 6: Seeking help

If you encounter challenges or need guidance in resolving such issues, seek help from local community leaders or activists. Connect with individuals like Ashwaq, who have experience in addressing such concerns.

By taking proactive steps and engaging with the appropriate authorities, you can contribute to resolving dangling wire issues in trees, creating safer environments for your community.