Navigating tree-related concerns in Bengaluru

Encountering a broken tree branch after heavy rain and wind, a rather common phenomena in Bengaluru, I found myself faced with a predicament: how to report an issue in an unfamiliar ward. What followed was me figuring out the process to address this issue.

1. Identifying the issue: Encountering a broken tree branch, note down the specific address or location. You can use Google Maps on your phone to pin the exact location of the tree and keep the link handy.

2. Contact BBMP’s toll-free number: Dial 080-22660000, BBMP’s toll-free number. Describe the issue to the BBMP officials, providing the address of the affected area.

3. Acquiring of concerned official’s contact: BBMP officials provide the contact information for the relevant forest official in the specific ward (Lakkasandra ward, in this instance).

4. Communication with the concerned official: Contact the forest official via call and subsequently share detailed information regarding the issue. Use WhatsApp to send images depicting the problem along with the exact location. Describe as accurately as possible to make the official’s work a bit easier.

5. Time-bound resolution: It can take a few hours or even a couple of days based on the severity of the issue and the logistical availability of the official’s team. In my case, the concerned official promptly addresses and resolves the issue within a day.

6. Expressing gratitude: Send a thank-you message to the official, appreciating their prompt action. Optionally, share an ‘after’ picture confirming the resolution of the problem.


This structured approach effectively facilitated the resolution of the broken tree branch issue, highlighting the significance of proactive civic engagement

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