Looking for sustainable packing options for food

Recently I organised a traditional family function where it was customary to give the guests fried snacks like chakli. I wanted to avoid packing them in plastic bags and looked a lot for options that would be both sustainable and also keep the food fresh and crisp. All the options I came across like banana leaves, areca leaves, paper boxes etc sounded good but would not keep the chaklis crisp as the package had to be airtight.
I went ahead with plastic packets in the end but wanted to ask the forum for workable solutions for the future.
What is a good sustainable and airtight option for food?

https://www.greenhandle.in/ready-to-deliver/food-products/bowls-and-containers-with-lids# I found few options here. But the only problem is they sell in bulk. For some the minimum order quantity is 1000
There is this cornstarch food container with lid. I have not used this before though
It says-
Container keep food fresh longer and prevents decay. These container keeps your food 100% bacteria free and taste intact. Heat resistant and perfect for parties, BBQ and home events the main reasons why people prefer eating out or home delivery is the convenience. These containers are a sustainable packaging choice for take away food. Your food will be securely packaged in these travel size to-go containers. Our leak-resistant containers are great for hot and cold foods. Made from ecologically sustainable paper. It is made of cornstarch off white round / rectangular container with lid and have 100 ML storing capacity. It is completely food grade and recyclable. :grinning:

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@Arudante have asked for suggestions on Chennai waste management group.

This is what one of the members have suggested: Chaklis remain crisp in cardboard box even after a week.

Another suggestion: consider giving it in stainless steel box - it can also become a gift.

What you think?