Learning Opportunities across the World

Opportunities across India (Online) :star2:

1. Sector Speak Series - Youth Empowerment and Leadership
Join on 22/06/2024, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM for insights into youth empowerment, leadership, and career opportunities with Ms. Ashraf Patel and Ms. Kanika Sinha. Scan the QR code to register

2. Youth Co:Lab Fellowship - The Springboard Elevate Programme is a 3-month fellowship programme that support purpose-driven social entrepreneurs who lead impact projects that improve the lives of under-represented communities. Learn digital skills in process.
Register - Microsoft Forms

3. My Sustainable Living Challenge 2024 - 6 - week immersive experience by United Nation for university students and youth organizations on sustainable cities!
Register - My Sustainable Living Challenge (MSLC) 2024: Empowering University Students and Youth Organizations | Opportunities for Youth

4. National Youth Parliament - Application open across India.
Know more : https://nyps.mpa.gov.in/NewRegistration.aspx

5. UNESCO details for nomination - 2024 International Literacy Prizes: Online applications and nominations are now open | UNESCO (Details here - UNESCO International Literacy Prizes application and nomination process | UNESCO )

**6 Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge 2024, a global innovation challenge for changemakers with prize money. Explore here - https://www.changemakers.com/en/challenge/together-towards-tomorrow?utm_medium=email&ut[…]20Towards%20Tomorrow%202024&dm_i=2ILH,20ALE,3U8X1F,774E7,1

REPLY HERE for nominations !

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I want to nominate myself

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@Nandanikri please share your CMP and why do you think you think we should nominate you for UNESCO Literacy Prize ? Please email me on ritika@reapbenefit.org in 24 hours for us to take an action

@Ritika_Reap_Benefit - Would love for Sitara Akka to be nominated for the UNESCO International Literacy Prize. Please let me know about the next steps