Karnataka Elections 2023 - Election Manifesto

Want to know the key highlights on election manifesto by different parties? Here you go and a chance to discuss and have a dialogue among the citizen community here without any bias.
JDS Manifesto: - Key highlights

  1. Free cycles for 6.8 lakh students in high schools
  2. Electric Moped for 60,000 female students in government schools (over 18 years)
  3. Students belonging to economically backward class will be given free admission to degree, engineering and medical college
  4. Each panchayat will be equipped with a high-tech government school with digital classrooms, modern laboratories, libraries, auditoriums, skilled teachers, etc
  5. Skill development and training: establishment of employment centres, youth-centred personal development and English training and job creation schemes.
  6. Climate: emphasis will be placed on non-conventional energy production to make the state a green energy sector. This includes promotion of renewable power obligation, new legal standards (CBAM), solar power and wind power in North Karnataka, encouragement to small scale wind power entrepreneurs.

Link: https://jds.ind.in/JDS-MANIFESTO-pdf/JDS%20MANIFESTO%2027042023_.pdf

AAP Manifesto:

  1. Schools: making government schools better than private schools, government guarantee for higher education bank loans, free bus transportation for students, formation of Fee Committee to control private school fees, permanent job contract for teachers
  2. Guarantee for youth: guaranteed employment for 2,00,000 jobs per year, unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000 per month until employment is found, 6 months Employability Training with stipend of Rs 5000 per month for 12th Standard pass students, opportunities for students who are 12th pass, voting age for local elections to be reduced to 16 years
  3. No mention of green energy or climate

Link: AAP Karnataka: AAP Guarantees

Other parties will be updated as they release.

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