India ranks below Pakistan on World Hunger Index. Calls out faulty methodology!

A recent newspaper link shares that India is at 111 position out of 125 countries that participated in the Global Hunger Index.

The Union Ministry called out the flawed criteria. Shahid Afrid, a Solve Ninja Leader, from Bengaluru shared his astute comment given his work in the area. He says,

While the Global Hunger Index has its flaws, it’s worth considering whether rankings and measurements can truly capture the complex issue of hunger. Some may argue that focusing on a single index can oversimplify a multifaceted problem. Instead of challenging the methodology, perhaps we should question the very idea of quantifying and ranking hunger. By doing so, we can shift our focus to more holistic approaches and explore the root causes of hunger, such as economic inequality, access to education, and the impact of food policies, which are often overshadowed by index rankings.

I think discussion will lead to development of more effective strategies and policies for eradicating hunger.

What is your opinion :question: What have you observed in your surroundings :question:

Shahid has previously worked on the issue of hunger in his community & has enabled people to earn their meals. He believes that education today needs to be improved in a way that it caters & prepares the young generation towards digital world we are moving into.

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