How to create and manage storm water drains in areas with narrow roads

Bapujinagar Ward in Bengaluru has according to electoral lists about 500-600 roads including small ones. Assuming atleast 60 percent has storm water drains, (based on my experience) it will sum up to 300 odd roads.

One of biggest problem is we discovered is

  1. Lack of space to build these drains
  2. Encroachment of this space and illegal inlet of sewage flow into it by citizens (along with throwing waste into it)

Impact of the problem:

  1. This is leading to clogging of drains and therefore flooding when it rains heavily. Which then enters people’s houses.
  2. BBMP multiple complaints, atleast 2-3 in a week to get these drains clogged, but after 1-2 months they are back to square one.

My question- according to you why do you think this is happening? Is this a problem in your area, locality, city? If so, what do you think can be some solutions?

Do you want to join us on a field visit to have a look at this, or do through investigation and suggest solutions, comment here and I’ll get back to you all.

Here is Ashwin Mahesh (Urban planner) take on this-

@baiju @Bala @RAJASHEKHAR_V what is your take?

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