How Paryavaran Mitras combined technology and on-field action to clean a park

Over 30 Paryavaran Mitras met on 18th September in a park near Jahanpanah City Forest (
Park Image :point_down:

Besides being full of plastic waste and discarded furniture, the park had also become a resting place for the animals.

The Paryavaran Mitras group sent a WhatsApp message asking its members to help clean and restore the park

More than 50% of the people responded said they will come to the spot to help cleaning.
On the day of cleaning, 30 Paryavaran Mitras cleaned up the park and
:one: Removed close to 200 Kilograms of waste :broom:
:two: Planted 100 saplings to ensure a green park ecosystem :herb:

Besides collecting geolocation data of nearly 65 parks in Delhi, the Paryavaran Mitra team also shared that information with the Paryavaran Mitra District and Vidhan Sabha volunteers to ensure that the act of cleaning parks and public spaces would be sustained.

Using WhatsApp, these volunteers will be able to conduct independent clean-up initiatives and connect with people who can help!

Want to experience how WhatsApp based communication is making Delhi more greener?
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