How Narasamma Improved Roads and Drainage in S Kodagehalli


Meet Narasamma, a determined woman from S Kodagehalli panchayat and Suregerahalli village who is also a part of Nagarika Sakhi program by Buzz Women. She saw the bad roads and poor drainage in her village and decided to do something about it. Here’s her inspiring story.

Narasamma’s Journey

Step 1: Talking to the Community

Narasamma knew she couldn’t do it alone. She started by talking to members of the Self-Help Group (SHG) in her village. Together, they discussed the problems and possible solutions. By gathering their support, Narasamma felt more confident about tackling the issue.

Step 2: Writing a Letter to the PDO

Next, Narasamma needed to inform the authorities. With help from the panchayat staff, she wrote a letter to the Panchayat Development Officer (PDO). The letter detailed the problems with the roads and drainage and requested immediate action.

Step 3: Gathering Signatures

To show that this was a concern for the entire village, Narasamma collected signatures. She went to village members, SHG members, and even panchayat members. With many signatures, the letter carried more weight and urgency.

Step 4: Following Up

Narasamma didn’t stop after sending the letter. She regularly followed up with the PDO and other members. Her persistence paid off as she kept reminding them about the issue until they took action.

The Outcome

Thanks to Narasamma’s efforts, the roads and drainage systems in her village were improved. This made a big difference in the daily lives of the villagers, making their commute safer and reducing health risks from poor drainage.

What Narasamma Learned

  • Persistence is Key: Constant follow-up is essential to ensure that actions are taken.
  • Effective Communication: Clear and regular communication with panchayat members helps in getting things done faster, especially during Gram Sabha meetings.
  • Community Support Matters: Working with the community and getting their support can make a significant difference.


Narasamma’s story shows us that one person’s determination can bring about real change. By taking these simple steps, she transformed her village. Her journey is a reminder that with persistence and community support, we can solve our local problems.