DIY Portable ( Wheel Mounted ) Grey-water harvesting system

Portable ( Wheel Mounted ) Grey-water Harvesting System

Allows reuse of water - For schools getting 1K litres / day, this method allows reuse of about 250-400 litres / day

Person with Plumbing knowledge needed with a metal fabricator


  1. Metal frame, with a hole to fit the bottle sink into and tighten using nut and bolts. This can be designed by the local welder if this design is shown
  2. ½ in pipe (10 feet) with an end cap and ½ hose nipple, fit on to an Female Threaded adaptor or FTA
  3. 4-6 ½ in taps
  4. 4-6 ½ in threaded T
  5. Teflon Tape
  6. Drain pipes
  7. 2 in pipe and Ts
  8. 1 length of ½ in garden pipe cut to suitable size, connecting a tap in school to the inlet valve.
  9. Get a plumber to make the tap section with the ½ pipe. On one side is the end cap, and on the other is the FTA with hose nipple. A series of Ts are inserted facing opposite sides, and taps screwed on. The hose nipple is connected to the pipe, which inturn is connected to the tap in the school.

  1. Fit all the sinks on the frame, where the holes are. Get the frame maker to do this for you like this. Get the plumber to insert and connect the drain pipes in all sinks as shown below. The water can then get drained into the ground, or these pipes can be inserted into the 2 in pipe and drained away from the handwash. This handwash can be moved as needed and the diverted water can be used in gardening, saving fresh water or used to flush school toilets.