Citizens react to Delhi Pollution Control Committee's latest idol immersion guidelines for Ganesh Chaturthi

Delhi Pollution Control Committee on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi had sent out a policy on idol immersions within the state.

Immersing Idols that are made using Plaster of Paris (POP), artificial paints etc in rivers has proven to be detrimental to the river’s quality and research has shown that it increases river pollution and heavy metal concentration in the river

More about the Policy and circular by DPCC can be read here :point_right: [Ganesh Chaturthi.pdf - Google Drive]

The Paryavaran Mitra team of Delhi has reached out to more than 4000 citizens of Delhi with two objectives

:one: Make citizens aware of the new DPCC policy and its implications
:two: Get citizen opinion and suggestions on the Policy

Citizens could share 3 things using WhatsApp, 1 - They will follow the guidelines 2- They will not, 3- Their

Using WhatsApp based Poll, the team was able to gather amazing insights from the citizens of Delhi

:arrow_right: 92% of the citizens agreed to the policy and said they will follow the guidelines
:arrow_right: 5.85% said they will not be able to
:arrow_right: The team also sourced 40 suggestions from citizens

some of them are:

  • I think separate Ghat should be constructed on the bank of Yamuna river to allow religious practices and also to make entertainment places like food park*
  • Keeping the Aastha of public in mind, temporarily ponds may be developed on the bank of river and after function, may be disposed of by administration accordingly*
  • Fix a day for visarjan, fix a spot an artificial pond, be ensured that place is big enough to handle at least 10k people, dcd marshal should be appointed to handle the crowd generously, some lite devotional music concerts can be organized, funds can be raised through advertisement of delights local business persons. Together we celebrate the auspicious arrival and happily waiting to lord Ganesh ji to come again and bless the world of heart our Delhi*
  • Use nature friendly ingredients like aata and sand for idol making.*
  • Please install pooja samagri composting plant in every ward so that we minimize the waste…install small composting plant in parks*
  • We have already implemented this in our society as an RWA President . And ensuring ALL in house Ganpati’s will follow same .*
  • I think, it has to be published well in time. I have not seen any advertisement in newspaper on this. Like Chhat Pooja, there must be designated artificial pond.

To get such updates and be a part of Paryavaran Mitra in Delhi, give a missed call to :telephone_receiver: 8448441758

What do you think about the Policy? Do you think regulations like these would help the environment? @Sushmahabala @tejas