Chennai: Invitation to collaborate for enabling local communities to solve ward level issues


Chennai is having its Mayor and Councillors after a decade which makes the 2nd oldest corporation in the world "Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC)" a fully functional one. There are discussions about the ward committees and local Sabha which is sooner going to be implemented. These committees will help increase citizen civic participation leading to better local self-governance in collaboration with the local authorities.

Reap Benefit, strongly believes in the ideology of Sarkaar (Government) and Saamaj (People) should work together for better outcomes and to sustain the efforts. The local people and community plays a critical role to ensure the local governance efforts taken are needed and can be sustained long term.

In that spirit, we have launched a Whatsapp based ward level survey campaign NAMMACHENNAI:

1.Issues at ward level: Asking citizens to share top 2 issues that they feel needs to be addressed in their ward.
2. Expression of interest to Ward Committees: Asking citizens if they are interested in being part of their ward committee once the process is clear and finalised by GCC.

What happens next:
You may be wondering what is going to happen with the data collected.

  1. Information collected will be analysed at ward level and shared with citizens who took part in the campaign from the same ward.
  2. We will reach-out to the councillors of those ward and share the same. If councillors are interested, plan is to support them in solving the issues with the involvement of local community
  3. Those who expressed interest for Ward Committee will be intimated once the process is finalised and announced.
  4. The overall analysis of data at ward level will be made available as a community open data for any citizen to take and work on it.

Here is how you can participate:

  1. Click this link - it will open whatsapp in the number +918095500118. You will see a text: NAMMACHENNAI. You just need to hit send.

  2. If you are an org /RWA/Citizen group and want to collaborate on this. Please reachout, happy to discuss and take it further.

  3. If you have ideas to make this effort better or feedback on what need to improve we are all open for that.

If you any questions you can register in the forum and comment here or you can write to