Bee keeping - Brood frame size difference in subsidy bee colony boxes (Not ISI standard)

Many of the Horticulture Department empaneled bee box & colony suppliers providing the subsidy boxes which contains brood frames of two sizes.

  1. Standard frames , as per ISI specifications
  2. Small frames with colonies (not ISI standard)

Due to the size difference of frames in brood chamber, bee keepers are facing a fundamental problem in shifting one brood frame to other position in same box or other. Shifting of frames is necessary in bee keeping work. Also the small size frames are made from poor quality woods and has less life.

It is necessary that supply of the bee boxes with one standard size frames(ISI). It will ease the work of a bee keeper. Unfortunately, supply of different size frames is happening in field.

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Yes, frame size mismatch is one out of other major problems. Along with frame size mismatch, there are other multiple issues with the current govt. subsidy schemes. Even though subsidies are provided to farmers, in and around western ghat region beekeeping/apiculture is not been thriving despite the abundant resources.

Following changes or corrections are needed at the policy level.

  1. Focus of the apiculture subsidies should be on the quality of the bee colony (at least 6 frame strength): As of now most of the farmers are getting 3-4 frame strength colonies from the empanelled distributers. But, as far as bee colonies are concerned, 4 frame strength is considered as weak. Such colonies take time to develop further and wouldn’t be able to defend any natural enemies. Hence, chances of obsconding or colony loss is very high.
  2. Focus should be on the Health of the colony: Like humans, bees also susceptible to disease! As of now, there are no periodic checking or validation or testing for the disease presence at empanelled distributers site.
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(What is Thai sacbrood virus and why does it affect bee colonies?)

Can we do a petition with signatures to highlight this issue to authorities? @Manju @Amithu

Yeah sure. Please share the contents/draft of the petition with us.

Why should we go to the empanelled vendor @Manju or @Amithu

Will we not get subsidies otherwise?

@solveninja Yes. For claiming subsidy, one should buy box, colony and stand or the bill should be from the empanelled list only.