Relief package - delhi model



Delhi being the hotspot for covid-19 since the beginning has seen around 14.2 lakh cases in total with a death toll of 23,202 till May 24th,2021. Mid-wave crises were on high, people running for oxygen and essential medicines in the month of April which led to a big number added to the death toll. With hospitals running out of oxygen and ventilator beds, Delhi was experiencing a big turmoil and panic situation. We lost around 100 health workers in Delhi due to the second wave of covid in comparison with 22 in the first wave. The deadly virus left some children orphaned in the national capital who might struggle for food, education and other dynamic problems. For the welfare of the people who lost their dear ones, the Delhi government took a fresh policy initiative by giving out a financial relief package.

Anurag Kundu, who heads the Indian government’s child rights protection commission in the national capital, says that in the last few days they have received more than 30 SOS messages about children who have lost everyone in their family and have been left alone.


Mukhya Mantri Covid-19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata Yojana

1.The education of orphaned children due to covid will be financed by the Delhi government

  1. Every family that has had a death due to covid-19 among them will be given Rs 50,000 as ex-gratia on time transfer.

3.Families, where the breadwinner died, will be given Rs 2500 monthly beside the ex-gratia. the pension will be given to the spouse, in case of an unmarried person dies the pension scheme will be for the parents

4.Children whose both parents died due to covid or one parent already dead and the one succumbing to the child will be given Rs 2500 monthly pension till they attain the age of 25 years.

5.The Delhi government will provide the sum of Rs 1 crore to the families of the front line workers who lost their lives due to covid, for both private and government hospitals, police personnel, teachers and firemen.

  1. The government had started disbursing one-time financial assistance of Rs 5,000 to paratransit drivers and construction workers. Delhi government has received around one lakh applications for the drivers and the amount distribution started by 16th April 2021


→ The implementation of financial aid to drivers and construction workers is done by online mode, the beneficiaries have to log onto the portal with easy steps

And the application gets approved according to the given norms the amount will be directly transferred to the account of the applicants

→ DCPCR has started a special helpline for children to assist them in stress as well as to identify covid orphans and provide them with immediate help. The panel coordinates with NGO’s and tries to find the first relief contact possible within 24 hours of the SOS call. This will lead to the identification

Of beneficiaries for the education and pension scheme. helpline number - +91 9311551393

→ The financial assistance to children shall be transferred to the joint bank account in the name of the minor child and the foster parent or guardian.

→ The ex-gratia scheme will be on online mode, the Delhi government is in the procedure to create this new portal specifically for all the measures under this yojana. The portal will be operational by the month of July.

→The official notification stated that to claim this financial assistance, the death must be certified as a “Covid death” as per the data with the Ministry of Home Affairs or the death should have happened within one month of testing Covid-19 positive. It stated that such deaths will also have to be verified by the state health department as a Covid death.


  1. The application can be generated through an e-portal that will be operational with all the necessary documents mentioned in the notification. The district officers are also obliged to search the beneficiaries according to data and personally visit them to fill their forms.
  2. The concerned authority of each district will be given data by the revenue department as well as the health department on basis of which the applicants will be verified
  3. There is a provision that states officials will be appointed to visit the address of beneficiaries to verify documents and address and also fill e forms for them.
  4. Considering all the data and verification the application will be approved and the financial assistance will be started.


  1. The online mode of applications still remains a drawback for the low-income groups who hardly have access to the needed knowledge. However, the provisions for accessibility in the implementation can be a game-changer if applied successfully.
  2. Orphan children remain vulnerable to trafficking or illegal adoption by relatives or other people. the policy framework might not work in slums where relatives take custody of the child and then make them work in the same field for living without informing the authorities.
  3. The age till which the education would be sponsored is undisclosed
  4. The marketing and awareness campaigns are not yet disclosed

The relief package was announced by CM Arvind Kejriwal on 18th May 2021 and is approved by the cabinet on 22nd June 2021. The High court of Delhi is also keeping a strict eye on the mapping and implementation plans of the package.