Portable Compost Maker and Spreader


Discovered - amount of organic/food waste that is created during high festival seasons, particularly in countries such as India, large groups often congregate and feast

Investigation - Around 67 million tonnes of food is wasted in India every year!
testimonial - " I saw dustbins larger than the small space on which I slept out on the street in every direction. The bins were filled with all the food which had been wasted"




In the start, you can add layers in order (just to make the proportion clear). You can use this diagram to help you make your compost

  • Greens/carbons(fruit and vegetable waste, grass clippings) and brown/nitrogens (mostly dry, woody material, straw and sawdust, dry leaves, cardboard) waste should be in proportion (brown a little more than green).
  • Mix it after adding all layers of one time.
  • Check your compost just once a day and add water if the compost gets dry.
  • Break the fruit/vegetable waste into pieces, if you want the compost to get ready faster, as smaller pieces breakdown faster!
  • When your compost is ready, use the spreader to spread the compost easily on your plants!

The kit we aim to provide is a Do It Yourself Kit (DIY). We will provide instructions that will advise how the kit works and what it aims to accomplish; it will provide clear guidance on composting food waste effectively, efficiently, and correctly, whenever and wherever one may be. It is cost-effective as we aim to use sustainable materials that are not high in cost and which are long-lasting. Our prototype makes composting easier because it is lightweight and has a handle, allowing it to be portable for the compost to be poured and spread easily around and over the desired surface and ground.

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