COVID Breathe Analyzer

Team IdeaRoot

Discovered - increase in covid cases is going to cause a shortage of beds in hospitals. This will result in many people not getting adequate treatment and cause distress to families


  1. COVID-19 has two main stages of increasing severity. Some patients, when their situation is more serious, may also get pneumonia, which has 3 stages of its own.
  2. As the disease progresses, many patients contract Pneumonia. The three stages of Pneumonia are Tachypnea, Dyspnea and ADRS in increasing order of severity

A machine learning model using Google AutoML vision to identify whether a recorded breath is healthy, contains fine crackles, coarse crackles, wheezes or both.
Since each stage of COVID-19 induces unique respiratory symptoms, the result given by the model can be used to determine which stage of COVID-19 the patient is in.
The machine learning model can be hosted on the Google Cloud Platform as an API. This can be accessed by a mobile application in which quarantined COVID patients with mild symptoms can breathe into the microphone and use the results to analyse their health and decide whether they want to admit themselves.

Comment below if you have suggestions on how to make the software more robust and how it can be implemented with hardware!
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