CHSV Solvers' Fest 2021

Highlight solution prototypes and award winners from CHSV Solvers’ Fest 2021 !

1. The Best Prototype Award
Team Probsol (Dyutimaan Krit, 8C )
Change-making vision:
The change I want to see is more implementation of dynamos in cycles and other equipment like treadmills. I want to make this happen because even though this product already exists, it is difficult to install and use. I want to make a prototype that can be made and installed easily in different types of cycles/equipment.

An average 30 minute bicycle ride can produce around 33 watt-hours of energy. Therefore, even if 100 people cycle for 30 minutes, the energy that can be produced in one day is around 3.3 KWh. If this solution can also be implemented in treadmills, there would be even more electricity generated.


The amount energy that can be generated per day is around 3 KWh, if the number of cycle rides is 100 and the duration is 30 minutes
The stakeholders that could help me amplify the work I have put in could be bicycle companies like Hero, Btwin, Hercules etc.

2. The Best Campaign Award
Team World Changers (Tanisha Kambli , 6C)
Change-making vision
The change I want to see is e-waste reduced which is very harmful to the environment and humankind in India. I want to make this happen because e-waste when disposed can pollute air by the smoke that comes from burning electronics to get copper. When E-waste is not disposed properly it causes toxins to pollute soil and water.

Survey questions and highlight responses-

  1. List of how many types of gadgets have you had(laptop, computer, smart mobile, tab)
  2. How many years do you usually use a gadget
  3. How many have you disposed
  4. How do you dispose your gadgets
  5. How many 5-6 year old working gadgets do you have lying at your house
  6. Are you interested in donating your old working gadgets
  7. Where would you prefer to donate them?
    Charity, rural areas, needy community
  8. Do you know how harmful E-waste is to the environment?
  9. Is E-waste affecting you in any way

Web based E-waste management enterprise model

refer link to see more of their prototype webpage/enterprise model

If this solution is implemented air, soil and water pollution will be reduced and this solution will also help in developing rural area’s and providing education and skill development to the needy community
Stakeholders identified - Corporates, government organizations, school’s in rural areas, recyclers.

3. Solve Ninja Citizen Award
Sia Bhargav, 6

Solve ninja citizen award is for promptly reporting a problem situation and bringing to awareness of the stakeholder / authority involved.

Exercising her democratic right Sia wrote and sent a mail to one of the companies as she mentions, showing the power that anybody has to effect change.

4. Promising Change-maker Award
Sucharitha Bharadwaj, 6C

Sucharitha demonstrates with her prototype how technology can be used for segregation of metallic wastes to improve efficiency of circular economy and preserve the resources we have.

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Amazing effort by ninjas