Black spot in Bangalore

Hello Community!
I came across this article on Bangalore black spots.
The article says BBMP (Municipal office of Bangalore) claims there is a reduction by 50% in number of blackspots.

Please click here for article link.

What are your thoughts? Please share in comments.


My take is this:
Yes there maybe a reduction in existing black spots but there has to be more research done if there are new black spots that would have generated owing to the pandemic in the septicity people would have to meet people.

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Thanks for sharing this article.

I am curious to know how has the data been collected across the year, which indicates this trend.

How and by whom were these blackspots reported, across what timespan and few more other questions along those lines. All this just to blow holes in this article and not in the hardwork put in by pourakarmikas, auto tippers, NGOs, Marshalls and the likes.

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@tejas I agree with you, the source of data and appreciation to the workers is clearly missing